If you don’t WIN at least 70% of the time!

The Most Amazing Secret For Beating The Slots Is Now Out Of The Bag...

Every slot machine has a “code” that tells you if it’s going to be a winner or a loser... and with Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart”, you don’t even have to play to know it!

Spot The Winning
Machines At A Glance!

How many times have you won playing certain machines only to blow it all back on the next one? It’s hard enough to win at all, but it’s even worse when you rack up a nice profit only to see it eaten up when you play the next machine. How many times have you wondered if there was a way to pick ONLY the winning machines without risking any money? Imagine being able to spot the winning machines before you even risk one cent!

Every slot machine has giveaway signals that can show anyone who knows what to look for whether or not it will be a winner or a loser...and with Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart” you’ll be able to spot the winning machines at a glance... BEFORE you play!

It’s Right In Front Of All Slot Players...But They Just Don’t See It!

Many slot players have figured the secret out on their own, but for 99% of slot players the secret eludes them and it’s costing them dearly! It’s hard for me to believe that more people haven’t seen this before. But then it occurred to me.. the very reason why more slot players haven’t seen it is because it is so simple! We all spend our time looking

for the difficult answer to most problems these days while the sometimes simple answers elude us. Why? Because we don’t expect complex problems to have simple answers! We expect things with a big reward to be extremely tough to we ignore the simple and most “obvious” answers in favor of something that’s complex and difficult!

You can beat the slots... and it’s not as hard as you think! The “Slot Chart” Tells All

Leave the “guessing” to the other players, you‘ll know the best machines to play almost instantly with Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart”!

With the “Slot Chart” you don’t leave anything to chance! You check the slots against the “Slot Chart” BEFORE you play...if it’s a match you’ve got a 75% chance you’ll win money on that machine! It’s that

simple! The chart is small and easy to carry but it’s packed with the most INCREDIBLE information.

Information that will tell which machines are ready to give you money... and 75% of the time they do! The whole procedure takes less than a minute and you

don’t need to waste a single coin on losing machines any longer!

The “Slot Chart” tells you everything you’ll need to know to walk out of the casino with profits over and over! People are amazed when they see how simple and effective the “Slot Chart” really is. But the best part is how the “Slot Chart” tells you EVERYTHING you need to know...which machines to play, for how long, and most important...when to leave!

The Casinos Have Had Their Day And Now It’s The Player’s Turn!

You walk into a casino and the “guessing game” starts! Which slot do I play? How long should I play it for? How much should I risk on it? Will it be a winner or a loser?

The questions pile up and instead of a clear path to follow that leads you to success you find yourself wishing and hoping!

The casinos count on these problems confusing you and want you to just guess... because what they don’t want is any slot player focusing on ONLY the real “winning” machines!

They’re out there, in every casino and they are so easy to find with the “Slot Chart” you won’t believe it, even when you win hour after hour!

What Is
The Slot Chart?

Spot The Winning Machines At A Glance!

The best way to describe Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart”... a simple way to determine the very best machines to play BEFORE you bet any money! There’s no need to spend your capital trying to “test” a slot machine to see how good the machine is. Usually what happens is that by the time you known the machine is no good... you’ve already lost money!

With the “Slot Chart” you’ll know BEFORE YOU RISK ONE NICKEL... whether the machine is likely to be a winner or a loser! Just imagine how much money you’ll save if you only play winning machines! This is the only way to win big money!

So Simple A Child Could Use It

Since when does something that works have to be complicated? Sure, slot machines are complicated mechanical devices but they operate on a very simple level. Each slot machine varies in total payouts, win percentage, type of action...and even the average number of losses in between each win! They operate like this so the casino can have slot machines that will appeal to all types of players and eventually make money from everyone! Howev-

er, many machines offer a much better opportunity than others and when these “good” machines are combined with other factors... they just about give money away!

The “Slot Chart” Points To The Winning Machines And 75% Of The Time... It’s Right

Why waste time hoping the machine you’re playing will turn out to be a winner...when you can almost guarantee that you’ll win when you use Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart”? The whole procedure is so simple that I was amazed that only a handful of others even suspected this. I’ve seen some buzz about this on the Internet and have even seen some ads in the personal columns in newspapers offering to teach people about it...but when something is so effective as this you would think it would be in the headlines of every newspaper in the world! There is no easier way to win hundreds of dollars every hour than using Cal Burman’s (‘simple’) “Slot Chart”!

WHY Does It Work?

The real power of Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart” lies in the series of questions listed on the top of the chart about the machine you want to play. Each machine must qualify on a certain number of

questions before it can be played. When you see the series of questions a slot must qualify on you’ll no doubt say ...“How could these simple questions determine which machine will be winner for me?” But you’ll soon realize that the combination of questions is how Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart” is able to score the highest possible number of WINNING slot sessions!

Separately, a correct answer for each individual question does not necessarily mean the machine will be good enough

to qualify as a play...however, when there is a combination of correct answers for a particular slot machine...this means the machine is very likely ready to give you INCREDIBLE winnings and 75% of the time that’s just what happens!

Many slot players have no idea how much their chances of winning can vary from machine to machine.

But with the “Slot Chart” you’ll know instantly which machine will give you hundreds of dollars per hour in winnings... before you risk a single penny

$1,000 Per Day?

Impossible you say! No it isn’t! When you play ONLY winning machines and have a hit rate over’ll have conquered the one thing that ravages most player’s bankrolls...losses from playing losing machines! $1,000 per day in winnings is definitely possible! In fact, I GUARANTEE you’ll go beyond that after the first month!

Just knowing which slots are best to play is not enough... you’ve got to know when to leave after you’ve won!

Okay, you’ve found a winning machine and you’ve what? Most people lose even when they win. Why? Because they feed their winnings back into the machine and then they’re even, or worse...they’re in the hole! The “Slot Chart” tells you more than which machine to play, it also tells you

how long to play it and when to leave! The “Slot Chart” comes with complete instructions on how to use it but it also tells you HOW to play... and the best time to leave so you cash out a winner over 75% of the time! But the “Slot Chart” does even more...You’ll also know exactly when to raise your wagers to make your winning sessions even bigger!

EVERYTHING you need to win comes with Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart”!

Cal Burman’s Slot Chart Works On ALL Slot Machines!

The “Slot Chart” Beats ALL Slots, From The Old Mechanical Reel...To The Newest Video Slots Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart” is truly a “universal” method for beating slots! You can tackle and beat every type of slot machine currently in existence with the “Slot Chart”! This is not some restrictive method that only zeros in on a specific type of slot machine. The “Slot Chart” takes money from all machines regardless of how simple or how complex they are! No matter what type of slot machines the casinos have available...the “Slot Chart” will show you how to EASILY win hundreds of dollars every hour from all of them! The “Slot Chart” Shows You How To Hit The Progressive Jackpots Worth Thousands Of Dollars...Quickly And Easily! Like to play the progressive slots and go for the biggest jackpots? No problem for the “Slot Chart”! The “Slot Chart” works just beautifully on all types of progressive slots! Using the

“Slot Chart” you can zero in on the very best machines in only a minute, BEFORE you play... and know that machine will give you a big profit over 75% of the time! Many times you’ll hit a way out of line jackpot, like the one Cal Burman hit for over $66,000 when the “Slot Chart” identified the best machine out of a row of ten machines, to hit the top jackpot! Remember, you can only win like this with the “Slot Chart”! Single Coin or Multiple Coin Machines... The “Slot Chart” Takes Them All On And WINS! Most slot machines accept multiple credits for each spin, but in some older casinos, casinos on Indian reservations, or on some cruise ships... many of the slots are the older types that only accept a single coin. That’s no problem for the “Slot Chart”! No matter what type of slot you play the “Slot Chart” will tell you almost instantly if the machine will most likely be a winner for you and you don’t have to risk one cent of your capital first to find out! The “Slot Chart” beats the single coin machines with just as much ease as the fancy multiple coin machines. This isn’t

something that only works on new slot machines because the basic principles are the same for ALL slots! Any differences between slot machines are automatically adjusted for in the AMAZING rules of Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart”, which means you can beat any and all slots whenever you want to! Win A Bundle Of CASH On Video Slots! A lot of players have trouble with the new video slots because they offer many different types of wagers and different ways to line up the simulated reels. The “Slot Chart” can’t be stopped by any machine and it wins hundreds of dollars every hour from ALL video slots with the same ease as any other slot machine! The “Slot Chart” takes on the video slots easily and turns them into money machines for anybody using this amazing device! You’ll know exactly which video slots to much to bet on every wager... and exactly when to leave with your winnings! There’s never a reason to guess what to do next when using the “Slot Chart” on video slots or any other type of slot machine!

Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart” is the most amazing device you’ve ever seen!

Words alone cannot completely describe how INCREDIBLE the “Slot Chart” is. It has everything any slot player could hope for...



Do You Have Questions About The “Slot Chart”?

When Cal Burman first started selling his INCREDIBLE “Slot Chart” many people wanted to know more before they purchased it. Below are the most frequently asked questions.
QUESTION: “What exactly is the ‘Slot Chart’?”
ANSWER: The “Slot Chart” is a patented device that determines which machines offer the very best chance for any slot player to show a profit over an upcoming series of results.
QUESTION: “How does the ‘Slot Chart’ work?”
ANSWER: The “Slot Chart” asks several questions about a par
ticular slot machine. Based on how many of the questions are answered, it then determines if the machine is likely to give you a winning series. All this happens BEFORE you wager, so you don’t risk ANY MONEY first! Those machines that pass usually give the player a profit over 75% of the time!
QUESTION: “Is the ‘Slot Chart’ a mechanical device?”
ANSWER: ABSOLUTELY NOT! The “Slot Chart” is a small chart that is carried easily in the pocket or a purse. It is about the size of a 4 X 6 inch card.
QUESTION: “How long does it take to use?”
ANSWER: The “Slot Chart” takes only a minute or two to use. You simply glance at the slot machine you are interested in and check to see if it passes the series of questions written on the “Slot Chart” . If it does, you can play the machine, if it doesn’t you simply go to the next one!
QUESTION: “Is this something that is complicated or does it take a long time to learn?”
ANSWER: There is NOTHING that is simpler to use! You don’t need to do anything other than check the machine against the few questions on the “Slot Chart”! The whole procedure can be learned quickly! It comes with a booklet
that explains everything you need to know to win steadily. Most people are ready to use it within a half hour to two hours depending on if they’ve played the slots before or not!
QUESTION: “What happens when I find a playable slot. How long do I play”?
ANSWER: The “Slot Chart” comes with complete instructions which include everything you
need to know to win consistently. It tells you how long to much to bet and when, and most important...when to leave! The entire procedure is completely mechanical and you use NO personal judgement... so you’ll know what to do all the time!
ANSWER: Cal Burman passed
away a short time ago. This publishing company actually bought the rights to his method before he died with the requirement that we could only publish it after he passed away! Before this, Cal Burman and his closest friends were the only ones who knew about the “Slot Chart” and made a fortune using it. He had no intention of releasing this to the public until AFTER he died!

Ordinary Slot Players... Just Like YOU Are
WINNING With The “Slot Chart”

Recent buyers of Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart” couldn’t wait to write us praising this REMARKABLE device! Several recent letters are reprinted below. “Unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything like this before! I can’t believe I never saw this. Do the casinos know that you know this? This is totally different than what I thought it was. The best part is... IT WORKS!” Barbara D., Milwaukee, WI “I’ve been hitting jackpots all over the place with your ‘Slot Chart’! The card tells me everything I need to do to win. I passed three slot machines before I found one that the ‘Chart” said would be a winner, then I hit a $1,600 jackpot! I thought I would be collecting the double-back bonus but I’ve been hitting way over 70% winning machines. In fact, in one day I played fourteen slot machines and won on all of them except one! WOW!” Chuck S., Newark, NJ
“I just couldn’t wait to write you! Been winning big with your ‘Slot Chart’! I thought this whole thing was some type of bull, but now I know better. Never thought anyone could win like this, especially at the slots. On the dollar video slots I won over $1,850 total in under three hours. This is the best day I ever had at the slots!” Jeremy C., Los Angeles, CA “My search is over! This ‘Slot Chart’ of yours is weird but I can’t believe how fantastic it works! This is truly something new and different! Instead of a fat book of complicated rules, finally something SIMPLE that actually makes money at the slots! You deserve an award for this! (How long will the casinos let me win like this?)” Sara T., St Louis, MO “Now I understand why you were able to offer double my money back. I thought you were crazy, but who would not be happy with the ‘Slot Chart’! I play only progressives and so far this thing kills them. I’m hitting about 80% winning
machines. That’s incredible to even say because I would always lose before on most slots. This ‘Chart’ zeros in on the winning machines just about ALL the time!” Mitzi H., Carson, CA “You’ve really got something here. I’ve got a feeling this ‘Slot Chart’ is going to be headlines very soon! Nothing this good can remain a secret for very long. You should consider limiting sales a bit at least until some of the newer buyers win some fast cash. No telling what the casinos will do when this gets around. They don’t like slot players to win like I’ve been winning!” David L., Tempe, AZ

The dream of every slot player has been to find the “winning slots” BEFORE they play... well, here it is... with Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart”, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do!

How many times have you said to yourself... “Wouldn’t it be great if the winning slots had a big sign on them so I could only play them?” Your prayers have been answered because that’s exactly what the AMAZING “Slot Chart” actually does! With every other method for playing the slots you must first play it and then you’re suppose to determine if you should keep on playing it. The problem with playing this way is that you still must put some of your money in
a losing machine, which means you will still lose money trying to find a winning machine.

The “Slot Chart” shows you exactly which slot machines will offer you a 75% chance of success...BEFORE YOU RISK ONE PENNY OF YOUR OWN MONEY! The whole concept of how the “Slot Chart” works is completely different from anything else you’ve ever used! There is no guessing if the machine you are playing will be good to you...with the “Slot Chart” you’ll know if it is or not BEFORE you even play it! No losses are the best losses when you play the slots. Many people win big but blow it back on losing machines trying to find another winning machine. This is where the “Slot Chart” pulls apart from every other way of playing... because you confine your play to “WINNING” slots so your losses are almost nonexistent! And remember again... the “Slot Chart” is the simplest and easiest way to play the slots, and anyone can use it to win every day!

The AMAZING “Slot Chart” is completely new. There has NEVER been anything like
this before! It’s so incredibly simple but more effective than anything you’ve ever seen! Every body who uses it says it’s nothing less than INCREDIBLE... and you’ll say the same thing! Stop trying to guess which machine will be a’ll never guess right enough. You need a simple but effective way to determine which machines are 75% more likely to give you a winning session BEFORE you play... and Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart” is the only way to do this! If you want to win at the slots, you must have the “Slot Chart” and NOW is the time to get it! See ordering instructions on the next page and please hurry! You should not play any slot machines without the “Slot Chart”... because you’ll lose if you do! The SIMPLEST and most profitable way to play the slots is just a short time away so what are you waiting for?


The “Slot Chart” is something totally different and simple to use... and it actually does beat the slots!



Why guess at which machines will be profitable or not when you have a simple, proven, and extremely profitable way to absolutely know, before you risk any money?
The key to beating the slots is cutting your losses because the winnings will take care of themselves.
You must keep your losses way down so when you do win you don’t just break even trying to cover your prior losses!
Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart” automatically steers you onto WINNING machines while at the same time avoiding losing one. This 1-2 punch type of play guarantees
that you’ll come out ahead!If you don’t avoid losing machines
there is no way you can win... the only way that has been proven to do this is Cal Burman’s “Slot Chart”! Why bump heads with losing slots when you can play winning slots and win almost all the time?